InTeco Value Within - methodology and optimization projects
InTeco Value Within - methodology and optimization projects
Partnership, reliability and confidence
Partnership, reliability and confidence


Our specialists from Inteco have extensive competences to implement complete solutions regarding virtualization. Our experience is confirmed by a certified partnership, we are VMware Solution Provider.


Virtualization in brief is the optimization of IT infrastructure costs. With virtualization, we can rationally manage hardware resources. This technology allows you to run on a single physical server multiple instances of virtual servers. We can share resources of the physical machine at our discretionor for example for the requirement of some applications. It is not a problem to allocate for each virtual machine their own resources of RAM or CPU, we can also  assign to it multiple network adapters. If we add to this the ability to change resources online, including disk drives, uninterruptible migrations of machines between servers, storage arrays and even data centres. In addition we have almost infinite possibilities of automation and cooperation with many solutions on the market. If we summarize we will see the true potential of this technology. This is just the beginning of what we can get by opting for virtualization.

Virtual servers for the company is lower costs of purchase of equipment, energy and management, greater flexibility and better use of resources.

We are able to offer you a wide range of services, these include:

 - Designing from scratch virtual environments;
 - Installation and configuration of VMware;
 - Performance monitoring;
 - Optimization of the virtual environment;
 - Comprehensive implementation of high availability and backup;
 - Desktop virtualization, terminal solutions and application virtualization;
 - Migrations and upgrades;
 - Physical this virtual migrations - P2V;
 - Consolidation of hardware infrastructure;
 - Delivery and implementation of blade servers from different manufacturers;
 - Advanced configurations based on different technologies and customer-specific requirements.


We offer comprehensive advice and carrying out the project. We provide help in making decisions about choosing an appropriate solution. We will advise on matters choose the type of license, will conduct the implementation with the delivery of equipment, we will create full documentation. We highlight the fact that we are listening and we make every effort to run our projects are tailor-made and perfectly and realistically tailored to your needs.