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InTeco Value Within - methodology and optimization projects
Partnership, reliability and confidence
Partnership, reliability and confidence

Mobility - Remote Access Technology

We see great potential in mobile solutions and sharing application in the terminal mode. At the moment the basic tool is not only the laptop but also a smartphone or tablet. Some companies give the ability to work in BYOD model (Bring Your Own Device). In order to manage your fleet of company mobile devices is very hard to do without a MDM (Mobile Device Management) tool.

Imagine a distributed infrastructure and multiple locations, where each site is managed by another administrator. Each of them deploys some applications to provide services to employes using another remote access technology. When we try to write down documentation of it, it turns out that we have a little bit of everything, applications made available by MS Remote Desktop (RDP), MS Hyper-V, VMware, part by using Citrix (ICA), virtual desktops, physical PC. In addition almost everything is available directly from the Internet. If you are delegated with the task of tiding up a whole infrastructure and for example define security policies, it can be a quite big challenge.


2x solution which we implement successfully for years offer many useful features:

- A comprehensive solution that supports applications and desktops publishing (including the server's desktop);
- The ability to configure high availability;
- VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) using a simple wizard, desktops pools;
- Simplicity and functionality, combining several technologies in a transparent manner from a single console;
- Extensive filtering of incoming connections;
- Thick client installed on the desktop or client which does not require installation or access via HTML5;
- Support for a wide range of client applications, including mobile;
- Universal scanning, universal printing;
- Defining branches (sites) that can be managed by different administrators;
- Deploying icons for the shared resources on the client operating system;
- Role-based administration;
- Licensing per concurent user;
- The use of standard MS RDP protocol;
- Reporting to MS SQL database;
- Optional client work in kiosk mode, remote customer support;
- The ability to convert workstation with Windows XP to "thin" client;

 and much more!


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 The solution that we propose for several years is at the forefront of MDM tools by Gartner. It gives us not only pure  device management, policies enforcing, passwords and certificates distribution or remote access. With MobileIron, we can provide access to corporate data on mobile devices. Programs and files from applications are stored within an encrypted container, which is protected by a password. We can take advantage also of many features:
- Docs@Work - access to corporate files (eg. SharePoint, network shares).
- Web@Work - safe web browser (eg. Intranet).
- EMAIL+ - Corporate emailbox.
- Apps@Work - A list of applications provided by MI on your mobile device.
- Help@Work - Remote Support for iOS and Android, screen sharing.
- DataView - Application to monitor the use of internet.

Watch a four minute video on MobileIron's Vision for the Mobile First Enterprise

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