InTeco Value Within - methodology and optimization projects
InTeco Value Within - methodology and optimization projects
Partnership, reliability and confidence
Partnership, reliability and confidence

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It is extremely important that you feel safe working at his computer and he was aware that any problem scan always count on support from the IT Department. In our company we shall ensure that the End-UserSupport Team whose tasks include, among others:


-solving problems of access to resources;


-update software on workstations;


-consultations on choosing, purchasing computer hardware and software:


-Remote support and telephone support;


-Service repairs:


-Administration selected services and workstations with all peripherals;


-OS image distribution and full system configuration with the migration of user accounts and data;



The team in addition to standard telephone support provides help with ticketingplatform for reporting incidents and problems.It is constantly monitored by a team which provides fas tdiagnosis of the problem and its solution. Responsibility team include computers, laptops, PCterminals, printers but also all mobile devices.


Any user with access to the network is a potential target for hacker attacks, it is also exposed to the effects of many threats such as viruses and malware.


Support team has access to a range of mechanisms that enable prevention of data theft and protect against malware. In addition,thanks to the central policies of a domain has the ability to implement a coherent security policy (passwords, security, applications, updates, etc.). We have available encryption software drives at  the ends and centrally managed anti-virus software with the function of anti-spam and anti-spyware. All systems are configured based on best practices and continuously monitored.